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    “Welcome to the era of the Authentic: a woman in harmony with herself and the environment, comfortable in her own skin, free from all sanctimonious, standardizing prejudice. A naturally beautiful woman. As an activist brand, we claim that LPG® is the third way, an alternative between too superficial and too aggressive. Today, this third way – that of reason – is more relevant than ever. 

    The technological innovation introduced with the new Cellu M6® Alliance product line is a real revolution. This is reflected in the abandoning of the combination of two independent motorized rolls, which have been replaced after several years of research by one motorized roller and a motorized flap. This new treatment head will simultaneously stimulate both lipolysis and the production of collagen, elastin, and endogenous hyaluronic acid. 

    Never before has treatment been so comprehensive, intense, and effective in a minimum amount of time. I predict this innovation will be met with all the success that it deserves.”  


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    3 LGP

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    “Ever since I was little, I have been immersed in this unconditional will transmitted by my grandfather, then my mother, to help people live better and longer.


    First Cellu M6® was born on April 1st, 1986. I came into the world a few months later… like fate, already tying my destiny to this wonderful family adventure. This is why I am proud today to take my turn leading this successful company towards a bright future marked with great innovations and unique projects.


    With the arrival of the 10th generation of Cellu M6® on the market, LPG® is asserting its activist brand values more than ever. A strong brand, proud of its positioning, that uncompromisingly defends natural beauty. In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly developing the medical market, our origin, and our brand’s guarantee. A dedicated team works to develop this market so as to adapt our solutions to patients and health professionals’ actual needs. In this field, the search for prevention and rapid recovery is more relevant than ever.


    Today LPG® ranks as a key player in the complete care of the human being. New turnkey concepts are simultaneously being developed on the aesthetic market with new distribution models and close collaboration with market leaders. We will focus on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, with a strong comeback on the American continent in the second half of the year. The success of LPG® is based on a perfect blend of know-how, expertise, creativity, and passion for innovation. I am counting on all our teams, on their motivation and their passion, to support us in this new chapter of our history

    Brand Family Story




    For 30 years, LPGLPG has been developing,manufacturing, and marketing advanced,patented technology worldwidefor themedical, paramedical, aesthetic and sportsmarkets. 

    Behind this great French success story is a visionary man, Louis-Paul Guitay, who, in 1986, invented a device with revolutionary technology: Cellu M6LPG was born. 

    Initially exclusively dedicated to the physiotherapy market, the device made a name for itself in this world, shaking up the sector with sharp communication, powerful slogans, and – above all – irrefutable technique. Backed by a host of scientific studies validated by dedicated leading experts and even skilled athletes, the benefits of mechanical stimulation were promptly observed on the entire human
    body and the brand quickly took off. 


    3 LGP

    3 LGP

    LPG  history


    • In 1986, the first Cellu M6 was produced, marking the successful connection to high-tech technology. 

    • In 2000, LPG LIFT 6 with patent was produced, becoming the first real device with anti-aging facial care technology launched. 

    • In 2002, IMR* patent innovation was made: the autonomously dynamic mechanism make the care machine head upgrade to be an independently operable roller, which greatly improved the efficacy.

    • In 2005, Wellbox with a elegant and compact design was launched to make it possible to bring LPG facial and body care techniques home and accompany you around. 

    • In 2009, LPG Soins Techniques was launched and was used in combination with LPG care. This skin care product series could optimize the care effect, activate the cells to regenerate and metabolize fats.  

    • In 2010, the newly designed Ergodrive body care machine head with a new patent could additionally grab 50% cell tissues and it updated the built-in comprehensive care program and appearance design.

    • In 2011, HUBER Motion Lab was launched with a brand new and simplified interface to enhance the user experience and it was a high-tech device integrating health, beauty and fitness. 

    • In 2013, patent innovation was made: thi

    • 2017-CELLU M6第10代创新科技,ALLIANCE美丽联盟 于摩洛哥首发亮相,掀起新的自然物理科技美容旋风。

    Brand Features


    The effectiveness of the advanced treatments delivered by Cellu M6LPG has been proven not only by the 80,000 referral centers throughout the world but also by 145 scientific studies, 32 of which published by Medline (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, a bibliographic database of literature concerning the biological and biomedical sciences). Composed of renowned experts in the health, beauty, and well-being sectors, COSIRE (Comité Scientifique International de Recherche) collects a maximum amount of objective scientific data in order to prove the effectiv ness of LPG techniques.   


    > €60,000,000 turnover in 2015
    > Turnover split: 50% in France and 50% abroad
    > 30% growth over the last 10 years
    > On average, 5% of the company’s annual turnover
    is reinvested in Research and Innovation
    > 10th Cellu M6LPG generation
    > 55,000 professional devices sold since 1986
    > 2 subsidiaries in Europe (elgium and Italy)
    and a network of distributors in over 110 countries
     throughout the world 

    3 LGP

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