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    SHUPPA non-chemical rinse water; Made from 100% pure water; No additive. Edible source water; the water molecule could be broken down into millionth parts with Japan high-tech; 10-seconds cleaning, quickly pesticide residues removal and bacteria and odor removal. SHUPPA has gained a dozen of authorized certificates from home and abroad. It could be used anytime, anywhere. Safe and environmental friendly. 





    1996   Started to develop safe detergent for fruits and vegetables 

    1997   Developed the non-chemical rinse water adhering to Environmental Protection Act

    2007   Successfully replaced the chemical detergent with natural and non-chemical substances

    2008   Made the debut in 103th Canton Fair in China, known as the rinsing revolution from Japan

    2009   Enter 23 JUSCO’s retail stores in Japan, popularizing the idea of My Health, My Decision

    2010   Invited by Guangdong Province to exhibit in Foreign New and High-tech Exhibition and was welcomed by the audience 

    2011   Gained Award of Excellent Brand in GuangDong & Macao Branded Product Fair, entered HK department stores and Macao Yaohan, and also exported to the UK

    2013   Invited by International School of Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational-technical College (affiliated with the GD*FDA) to give a lecture on foreign advanced technology

    2016   The president of SHUPPA was appointed as the guest professor for International School of Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational-technical College 

    2017   SHUPPA gained the Japanese product safe certification for maternal and child recommendation

    Brand Features


    10-Second clean - Processing with high-tech, the water molecule can be broken down into millionth parts, and the small parts permeate into tiny gaps in object surface, effectively removing stains and bacteria; evenly spray it on the surface of fruits and vegetables for pesticide residues removal in just 10 seconds.

    lDisinfection - According to the test result from JFRL, SHUPPA can remove over 99.9% of E. coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and salmonella in one minute.

    lPreservation - Fruits and vegetables washed by SHUPPA can stay fresh for 3 - 7 days more; After washing with SHUPPA, there will be a layer of water film in the surface of the fruits and vegetables that prevent bacteria grow. 

    lEnvironmental friendly and non-toxic - made of pure water; no alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, surfactant, fluorescent agents and other chemicals; non-irritating; not harmful to skin and respiratory; environmental friendly. When burning, SHUPPA will not have any odors or residues unlike other detergents(some might even have black smoke).

    lConvenient and water-saving - The object will be clean without any residues and secondary pollution after spraying SHUPPA and rinsing off once. Normal detergents with abundant foam may need rinsing off for 4-5 times with about 5-6 liters of water.  

    lSafe - Ingredients tested by JFRL at a national food level standard; all ingredients conform to drinking water safety standard. 

    lNon-sensitizing - Skin irritation tested; mild and non-irritating; even for people who are easy to get allergy.

    lAir purifying - Quick neutralize methanol, ammonia, benzene and other hazardous substances in the air, as well as odors like smoke. It can also reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis in bad weather.  



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